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The world of college recruitment is complex and can be confusing or intimidating. PlayCollegeColf.net is here to help student-athletes and their families when it comes to college golf scholarships. PlayCollegeGolf.net gives each golfer an active role in their own recruiting process by providing them with tools, professional advice, and information to help them choose the school that’s right for them and put their best foot forward throughout the recruiting process.


What’s Your Story?

No matter what level a player is at, every junior golfer needs a place to show off their playing abilities and tell their story when seeking a golf scholarship. Let us help you tell your story.


For Golfers, By Golfers

Want to know exactly what coaches and recruiters are looking for when it comes to college golf scholarships? No matter what level a player is at, every junior golfer needs a place to show off their playing abilities and tell their story when seeking a golf scholarship. PlayCollegeGolf.net provides insights from experts who know the world of college golf because they have lived it and have 200 plus years of experience in the junior and collegiate golf arena.

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Why PlayCollegeGolf Was Created

According to the National High School Golf Association, there are over 450,000 students playing junior golf in the U.S., but the number of scholarships awarded each year is limited per school.

Bringing Players and Coaches Together

The depth of the college golf world can make it challenging for players to find the right school, the right coach, and the right golf program. The mission of PlayCollegeGolf.net is to be the bridge between coaches and players. We help coaches find players they want on their team and give student-athletes the tools and resources they need to create a resume that will get them the attention they deserve.

Division I Scholarships Available

4.5 for men | 6 for women

Division II Scholarships Available

3.6 for men | 5.4 for women

NAIA Scholarships Available

5 for men | 5 for women

Many Golf Scholarships Go Unused Every Year

Hundreds of golf scholarships have slipped through the hands of talented and deserving athletes or gone unused, often because resumes aren’t complete and students simply don’t know about the golf programs and scholarships available to them. A proper resume is the first step to interacting with college coaches. We don’t want any deserving athletes to miss out on a golf scholarship due to a lack of information and preparation. We guide student-athletes and parents through this exciting and nerve-wracking process to help them have a successful recruiting experience and choose which school best fits their needs.

We Give You Access To The Resources You Need

The PCG program gives athletes and their parents access to contact information for NCAA Div. I III and NAIA college golf coaches from every golf program across the country. No need to try and track down the right person to talk to, saving time and energy. This list remains up-to-date to ensure resumes get to the correct coach.

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