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We understand that the recruiting process can be confusing and complicated, so we have put together some of the most common questions and answers.

How does PlayCollegeGolf.net work?

PlayCollegeGolf.net provides an interactive resume builder that can be updated by players daily, allowing you to send your resume to coaches in a professional PDF format. With a PCG account, you also get access to names and contact information to NCAA Div. I III and NAIA college golf coaches along with valuable information to help you during your journey to playing college golf.

Is it hard to get a golf scholarship?

While there is a lot of competition for golf scholarships, if you have a resume and cover letter that stand out, your chances of being noticed greatly increase. Unfortunately, hundreds of golf scholarships go unused at colleges due to lack of eligible players/recruits. Golf is a self-promotion sport and coaches want to hear from potential players. Most colleges don’t provide the budget for coaches to travel and recruit, so often the students must seek out coaches for the programs they are interested in.

How likely is it that a golf coach will look at my resume?

College coaches receive hundreds of resumes but many go unopened or are discarded due to lack of pertinent information. You can increase your chances of having a coach look at your resume by creating one that contains the right information and none of the things that they don’t need to know.

Is there a lot of competition for golf scholarships?

There are approximately 2.5 million golfers in the United States and there are approximately 450k students playing high school golf. There are 510 NCAA Division I and II men’s golf programs, and 403 women’s. There are 250 NAIA men’s golf programs, and 143 women’s.

There are a limited number of scholarships at colleges for golfers across all divisions.

  • 4.5 for men/6 for women in Division I
  • 3.6 for men/5.4 for women in Division II
  • 0 for Division III
  • 5 for men/5 for women in NAIA
How early should I start preparing to apply for a golf scholarship?

Most parents and players are unaware of how the college golf recruiting process works until it’s too late. Getting an early start will make for an easier and more successful journey toward playing college golf. During Freshman and Sophomore years is a great time to start thinking about what schools are of interest and keeping track of achievements that will be important in showing off your talent and level of improvement down the road. Then making “unofficial” visits to the top colleges on your list during your junior and senior years will be much easier and more productive.

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