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PlayCollegeGolf.net allows both parents and student-athletes access to this valuable resource at their fingertips and make updates to resumes and stats as needed. It is simple for users to visit PlayCollegeGolf.net and log in to an existing account or create a new one. New users can add a profile photo, player stats, education information, awards, competition results, and so much more! Within your Locker, you get access to contact information for coaches all over the country so you can send them your resume and cover letter that you create within PlayCollegeGolf.net. We make it easy!

My Golf Resume

Your golf resume is one of the critical components when it comes to applying for a golf scholarship. It is important to create a high quality resume that you can easily send to coaches that contains the information coaches are looking for without including unnecessary information. Not all coaches have the ability to travel for recruitment purposes so helping them understand why you’re an excellent candidate for a golf scholarship is key. The PCG template makes sure that you have the vital information coaches want to see on your resume.

Sample Resume:

Our interactive resume builder will help you create a concise resume that is easy for coaches to view online. We allow you to plug in your stats, personal statement, achievements and more with ease.

Golf Resume Key Details

Profile Picture

Personal Statement

Competition Results

Achievements and Awards

Personal Information

Height, weight, age, and city

Academic Information

High school name, graduation year, GPA, SAT or ACT scores

NCAA clearinghouse number

Contact Information

Email address and phone number

Golf Coach Information

Contact information for almost every golf coach in the country


My Golf Cover Letter

Student-athletes preparing their online recruitment materials will need to write a cover letter to coaches. This is an important step because it is often what coaches read first. Many students struggle with writing a cover letter, but we help simplify that process by giving athletes a guideline for writing an effective cover letter that is still unique and personal.

Cover letter Key Details

Your accomplishments

Your athletic profile

Your academic profile

Sample Swing Videos

My Videos

Coaches want to see your swing in action! Record two different swing videos: down-the-line and side view.

Tips for Recording A Great Swing Video

We’ll provide tips on recording your swing videos and the give the ability to add them to your Resume page. This is one of the number one things college coaches have told us they are interested in seeing when looking for athletes to playon their team.

Coaches Directory

Get immediate access to every Collegiate Golf Program in the country with the ability to filter your results by Gender, State, Division and Enrollment.

FAQs Specific For Junior Golf Parents

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Pre-High School Preparation For College... and More

Parents 101

Parents, we know that you will have plenty of questions throughout the recruiting process. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers for you.

College Classifieds

Get access to available scholarship opportunities that you would have never known were available!

PlayCollegeGolf Ebook

College golf recruiting has become so complex that a junior golfer is at a distinct disadvantage without the right knowledge and the right plan. This book provides step by step instructions that will guide you to the most successful outcome in your pursuit of a golf scholarship.

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