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As a college golf coach, you have so many players reaching out to you but there are likely tons of players who either don’t know how to get in touch with you or have sent a resume that just isn’t up to par. One of the main goals of PlayCollegeGolf.net is to connect coaches and players so there are less missed oppotrunities when it comes to scholarships and getting the players you want t o join your golf program.

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We understand that as a golf coach at the collegiate level, you want to seek out the best golfers in the country to play on your team. By registering as a coach through PlayCollegeGolf.net, you can browse junior golfers and create a profile with information about your golf program. When completing the free coach registration, you will be verified within 24 hours and able to take advantage of thePlayCollegeGolf.net coach features and contact student-athletes from schools across the country.

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The student-athletes that use PlayCollegeGolf.net want to know all about your golf program. Please be prepared to input information including:

Upcoming opportunities available to athletes

Any specific academic requirements for your program such as ACT scores, etc.

Information about campus and culture of your school

Information about your golf program

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